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After studies in conventional architecture, I was offered the opportunity to work in a field that was still in its infancy, commercial architecture. Since' then, my associate and I have created a thriving company, imposing our visions and intuitions.


I trust my intuition, which allows me to navigate easily from the commercial to the private world. My intuition and my power of observation enable me to find the framework that structures projects and gives them coherence and strength. I also strive to slip in some of my fancifulness and my love of surrealism.

Architecture commerciale - Architecture d'intérieure - Concept commercial -  Architecte Restaurant Marcel Paris - Restaurant Indien


For more than 25 years now, I 've suggested ideas and concepts to investors who understand that a commercial image mpacts strongly the success of their brand. It is crucial to create a strong identity that will mark minds, sparing the need for words. What is my motto? Storytelling, imagination, and coherence.

Architecte à Paris - Architecture d'intérieure - Concept résidential - Résidence - Décoration d'intérieur - Appartement à Paris


In parallel with the work I developed in the commercial area, I was also lucky enough to fully realise (US : realize) 

my potentials creating private spaces for unmarried people, couples, and families, all with their histories, their desires, their projects. I never try to impose my ideas, I suggest ways to open new paths to follow if one so chooses. Building a home is both an adventure and a tough test which can lead to confrontations. I support my customers throughout this taxing time, guiding them while they give me inspiration... and prod me to always do better..






39 rue Faidherbe

75 011 Paris